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July 21, 2021 Las Vegas housing market replace Finance and Information. Whats trending in Las Vegas Immediately! Particular …



  1. Representation is the main reason I went with your company Chakits, Joey is taking care of us hopefully he’ll be as strong as you when it comes to orientation because to be honest I have little to no knowledge on what to look for when doing this orientation and walk through.

  2. Lake Mead, at full fill, Hoover dam could produce enough power for 1,872,000 homes. As of Today, July 21st. Hoover dam is able to produce power for 1,400,193 homes. Now, Utah, plans to siphon off 86,000 acres of water from Lake Powell Annually. Lake Orville shuts off its' hydro-power generation on August 6th. The only reason Lake Power is still generating power is because the Bureau of Land Reclamation is draining dry, reservoirs above Lake Powell.
    Now, just how long is it, before Las Vegas Home owners are going to be dealing with rolling blackouts, days of no power, and insane power costs.
    So yes, the Las Vegas Housing market is going to collapse. Not if, just a matter of the when. Most likely sooner over later.

  3. Chatkis, the housing market here in vegas is not going to tank, like you said. Californians are buying homes here with hard cold cash man, and the banks aren't just giving the money away like they did prior to the crash, this vegas markets is pretty solid and I think we still got a ways to go before it slows down. Pretty exciting times here in the las Vegas valley, love it !!!!

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