How do you play shares with warfare fears rampant + my consultants like Search, CSL, Santos, Resmed and extra!


Take heed to the audio model right here: …



  1. Switzer I think you have lost it …you’ve been flogging QUANTAS for too long now , you don’t have to buy it , sell what you have and look for something else .TYR is another dog . You’ve given up on Julie and co~opted Jun , Julie bombed out long ago on Mesoblast , lost a lot of people a lot of money . But Jun Doesn’t have the answers either . Don’t blame it all on the war , that’s insignificant . Now your new friends suggests WES, and Lithium , both crap . The answer is>………. Oil, energy, and the minerals . Your new friend got Santos right . S32 is ok too .

  2. Australian companies DroneShield with their Drone protection, and Micro-X with their Military mobile Medical X-ray cart and IED Bomb disposal X-Ray equipment surly would have to come under that category 😉


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