Jim Rogers, Jim Rickards & Different Prime Cash Specialists Supply Warnings & Recommendation For 2022


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  1. I've been intermittently following Lance Roberts RIA for years but he's been pussyfooting around the bearish end of the spectrum like more traditional brokerages. You really have to read between the lines with him on this. Not very bearish.

  2. Smart and Successful investors … Hmm .. Hussman's fund is the worst performing fund in the entire investment fund universe for last two decades ..even in the bear markets ! Hunter is a irritated twitter hack .. there is basically zero credibility in terms of their investment track record

  3. All experts / intellects taking about bubble.. but is it something a problem and none of the brains in the country has a solution? 😩😩 what could be the triggering point for bubble?

  4. The next "crash" won't be what we've seen before. It won't be a liquidity issue. It will most likely be an actual currency issue. People will not see value in the currency, or not be able to access it.

  5. Agree with super high risk, But 100+ container ships dropping all that paid for goods onto shelves will crash retail prices. Cars are sitting in huge parking lots waiting for chips. Chip shipments will dump a ton of cars onto the new market. Higher MPG, EV, gas prices not likely to stay up. I agree that food due to nat gas shortage cutting fertilizer production is a problem. EU and their nat gas shortage is a big problem. Everyone is saying the same thing, making that advice a crowded trade, which usually means it won't happen. Remember / see the ever broken record folks saying the dollar will crash to zero? USD is rising, gold is flat. Silver flat. I do agree that at some point but 2022, or 2025 or 2030? for the dollar crash. So far bonds have stayed up, gold down.

  6. God's prophet said he would make Trump a trumpet and thier would be 7 years of prosperity the market blasted off Nov 3rd the day Trump was elected so the top will be Nov 3 Rd 2022 watch for a yield curve inversion just prior too, the next 7 year increment will be the tribulation judgement we've all been judged by God, think God we are not stupid Dems or rinos poor none believers.

  7. Me thinketh what if it were all planned in order to., usher in the…….New World Disorder!@!?😝🤪😜😎
    Thanks mate for the amazing content from., the best of……..the best!!!😉
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  8. I can't believe your company is less than a year old. You have amazing branding which lured me in like a fat fish and the content is top shelf. Congrats on your success

  9. Excellent Content, Excellent Interviews, However Sadly those who stayed in cash have missed the biggest wealth creation opportunities which may not come back for a long time.

  10. As the shift occurs – everyone shifts from one side of the boat to the other. Shift before.
    The analogy is a good one.
    The Unsinkable Titanic is another: Hubris; Lack Of Foresight; And Risk. These all contributed to the sinking of the “Unsinkable”
    Icebergs often appear. Keeping an “eye” out for iceberg conditions; Ensuring the lower compartment doors are sealed; and having enough “lifeboats” available in the off chance that the former fail is a good policy for financial survival as well as for ocean sailing.
    Cash is our life jacket. Life jackets are totally useless when smooth sailing is present, but when a storm appears imminent, and you’re out in the deep, no life jacket often means certain drowning.
    Good times requires no planning. Potentially Bad times do.
    Happy New Year!


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