Mortgages Consultants Talk about Residential Vs Industrial Financing Methods


What is the distinction between a residential mortgage and a industrial mortgage?!?! In immediately’s video I sitdown with Josh & Ehren …



  1. I really like your videos and you have been leading the pack in the KW / London area. i would enjoy your video even more though, but i find you appear a little untrustworthy because of stereotypes… really long beards and business class don't normally appear together . you are obviously well spoken and a savvy business man,,, i do find you relatable but maybe point out when you are getting into larger units every little bit helps when apply for that loan including personal appearance

  2. Don’t have any of these problems yet but it’s only a matter of time. Definitely interesting to hear what commercial lenders are looking for. Good content to store in the subconscious.


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