Russia-Ukraine struggle: Monetary sanctions a ‘large hammer’ in opposition to Russian financial system, professional says


Russia #Ukraine Columbia College Professor of Publish-Soviet International Coverage Timothy Frye joins Yahoo Finance Stay’s Julie …



  1. shell, as they worked in russia, they still work, and BP. and payments are accepted by cards. just someone wants to shout loudly, wait until everyone runs away, and skim cream.

  2. the world has gotten so sick and evil its disgusting.. and the democrats hate our guts and want us all dead.. Jesus the one just King is coming and he is going to punish the evil doers fiercely.. for eternity. we will not be tormented like this forever. Repent and turn back to Jesus.. Our day of redemption draws nigh.. Evil leaders is this behavior worth eternity in hell?

  3. Putin brought all the financial woes right onto the Russian people, institutions and businesses. He is ruining their credit and reputation by the hour worldwide. The only way out is to withdraw from Ukraine and make full reparations to Ukraine from a gradual sanctions lift for that purpose alone.

  4. The Turks have been the best barrier against Russia throughout history Turkey's relative weakness put Russia on the offensive The Turks are the best balance for controlling Russia The Turks are the traditional and old rivals of the Russians in Eastern Europe and Eastern NATO The Ukraine-Russia war showed us how important the Turks are to Europe and NATO We need a strong Turkey to balance power in Eastern Europe against Russia The Turks have shown throughout history that they are good and reliable allies We desperately need a strong Turkey to contain Russia in Eastern Europe The Turks are the best option to curb Russia's invasion of Eastern Europe and NATO European security is heavily dependent on Turkey A strong Turkey is what we need to control Russia A strong Turkey is what we need to control Russia

  5. While watching what is happening in Ukraine is awful…. I call out those who say Ukraine is a democracy and we must protect it. This is just not so. Ukraine is a regime. The so called democratic leader there arrested all the opposition party members , including the leader, and imprisoned them a long time ago. There are no elections, so what does that make him ? The simple truth is " This is a war of oil" ! The Ukraine is in control of a vast sea of oil and natural gas just off it's shores. The west has been in talks to develop it, ( Take control of it), ….and Russia wants to keep it ! Careful the western mainstream media is once again creating the Narrative !

  6. Ukraine should not give up any of its territories. Any ceasefire should be incumbent on Russia leaving Crimea. The Ukraine have the upper hand they are joined in Unity unlike Putins people. Putin cannot win. The damage to his reputation and army will be incalculable. The Russian people are not the problem it’s Putins ego.

  7. Fake news. Russia deals in GOLD. He prints his own paper money because its backed up with 100 billion pounds of gold. The west has very little gold to back up their paper money. Only the GOLD is a secure currency.

  8. The invasion of Ukraine …….. for what??? Was Ukraine EVER a military threat? Russia has 1000 nuclear warheads…Uktaine? 0 The Ukraine was invaded because of some delusion about an old empire from the 19th C being revived. This is the 21st C. Putin has not only put Ukraine on the rocks…..hurt global economies, Putin has destroyed Russia….and for what?????????????????

  9. The only countries with any moral right to impose sanctions on Russia are countries like Switzerland and similar who have not invaded another country for let's say a century or at least since WW2. So, certainly not USA, UK or NATO countries that are now embarrassing themselves with their hysterical reactions to an invasion. Which, on top of everything, they heavily contributed to. ❗❗

  10. This guy has some reasonable points. Unfortunately he is a major cockold and would accept Ukraine to appease Russia. He neglected the fact that Russia and China have a long term goal and that is to undermine the west and the USA dollar dominance. They slowly mutate their policies to edge closer to that goal. The United States foreign policy is so narrow minded that we do not put into place stop gap measures to impede their progress. Fuk Putin and China.

  11. Biden’s incompetence and blatant weakness – everyone knows he’s a puppet of his handlers – has caused forty year high inflation and skyrocketing gas prices. These are both unofficial “sanctions” against American citizens. I can give unfaltering testimony of how much Joe’s incompetence has hurt my family’s bottom line.

  12. why is all the communist countries who call themselves liberators of people. First become capitalist and then as of now dictators of their on country. With out even the freedom of speech for citizens. And in moral they blame the capitalist even now. Where there is all the freedom to public. Why? any answers?

  13. Stop lying! By now everyone knows what it is all about! When Nato and EU would admit that it's entirely their fault and responsibility for this mess, jail Zelenski for crimes against humanity and apologize and ask Russia to sit and discuss all the points, only then this war can be stopped! Then we – European taxpayers will rebuild Ukraine – THANK YOU VERY MUCH Mr Presidents, because we did not have anything better to do!!!


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