The Drums – Cash


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  1. Rule number one: Never give up if you are struggling w self harm use a hair tie or rubber band ok
    Rule number two: Just cuz they are mad at you doesn't mean they are mad at you so just take time to talk.
    Rule number three: Dont try to OD it will mess you up rlly bad ok ( ik from experience)
    Rule number four: Love your self bc I love everything about you,your hair,your skin,your eyes,your hands,your music taste yiu dont ever have to change you for who you are

  2. This song gives off a feeling when I'm traveling into a new world/ city that im foreign to, with many people surrounded me. I walk in the sidewalk full of office workers, joyful artists, confident people, and elegant beings. In search of something/someone. I end up finding it at the end of the song.


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