Your Best ASSET Isn't What the Monetary Consultants informed you, it's THIS! / Garrett Gunderson


You might be your biggest asset! On this presentation, Garrett offers you the true system for wealth and provides you the primary steps into …



  1. I absolutely agree. We don't have a money problem. It is all the negative programming we received about money since childhood is the problem. It almost always starts from well meant family members who say ' Money doesn't grow on trees, Life is hard, you have to work extremely hard to make money'. After graduating from college is when I had my deep awakening. I have an accounting degree and I thought I would just climb the corporate ladder and be the Financial Controller in 20 years.. But then I started looking at people around me… some making $150- 200K a year. But almost everyone around me are living paycheck to paycheck. I also got fired from a few jobs. Thats when I realised that there is no such thing as a job security and employees are taxed the highest.. Everyone around me is working to just pay off the mortage and I am like is this really why we are here for. Thats when I started my journey to learning about financial literacy and why money is not taught in school? The school system teaches skills necessary to be an employee, but what about entrepreneurship? I mean wouldn't it be in the best interest of the goverment to teach entrepreneurship, since entrepreneurs are job creators. Even though the important skills of reading, writing and arithmetic are taught, there is nothing about money ( budgeting, debt management, OPM) that is taught in schools which are equally important.

  2. My brain and I are my greatest asset. That's for sure. The ability to solve problems and offer value all starts with a thought or an idea. And if you can solve a problem you can make 💰


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